Monday, April 25, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

In the worst of times the breath of our friends becomes the air we breathe.

I finally got my vacation. Thank you so much for the awesome times guys.

After the 48 hours of insanity in Las Vegas I flew out to a neurosurgery conference as I submitted some of my research, which was accepted for a digital poster. Small beans in the grand scheme of things, but not too shabby for someone who barely has time to do his laundry.

The conference was relaxing in it's sleepy schedule with optional conferences and lack of mandatory engagements, but overwhelming in the vastness of knowledge and neurosurgical greatness that I found myself surrounded by. It was nice to see what others in the community were doing, and inspiring to think that one day when the dark days end I too would be able to engage in such life changing, cutting edge work.

But after 7 days of awesomeness I returned to the grind.

Thanks guys for posting on my blog, it means a lot to know that people in the electronic ether find the things I say interesting from time to time.

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