Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ironic Medicine

I was told today that I must be a good doctor because I looked so tired.

I can't help but feel sometimes that my choice of profession is somewhat sick. The countless hours spent in the hospital is a stark reminder of how precious life is, how every ephemeral moment should be treasured. And yet it seems that the ones that are living the lessons I'm learning are the ones that haven't learnt said lessons at all. And me who keeps learning the lessons they're living, will keep learning and not living so that they may live instead.

A moment of today, all of my yesterdays, for one more tomorrow.


About Me

I'm a quixotic idealist that's readjusting to the reality of the world around him. An aesthetic at heart, willing to not shower a week at a time to go camping, exploring, hiking, etc. I love food, poker, and anything that can be turned into a competition.