Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hand of God

Howl, lonely wind!
Howl in forlorn melody.

Ubiquitous wind; they call for you.
Your invisible, thankless hand,
With purpose, unanchorable; name ungiven.
Resonance of desperate prayers.

Blow, empty wind.
That lonely hearts may breathe,
lonely breaths,
and fallen leaves may find fallen limbs.

Soothe, loving wind.
Kiss dry the eyes you've stung.
Deal hope, with death you've given.
Promise spring, in autumn's eulogy.

Bastard wind, torment me not!
Let silent cries, be silent still.
May fallen leaves, adorn this path,
of tattered love, and broken will.


About Me

I'm a quixotic idealist that's readjusting to the reality of the world around him. An aesthetic at heart, willing to not shower a week at a time to go camping, exploring, hiking, etc. I love food, poker, and anything that can be turned into a competition.