Sunday, March 13, 2005

In Jeans at a Fancy Restaurant...

Yesterday was Mike Lew's bday!!! Happy birthday Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In order to celebrate his birthday, a bunch of his friends surprised him at a snazzy little restaurant called "Salute" over in Richmond. It was fun and all but this post isn't about that.

On our way out I noticed a father with his two boys eating there as well. Maybe it was because one of the boys was 8 years old that I noticed them... or maybe it was because they were wearing jeans at a restaurant where everyone else was dressed up that made me notice. The younger son was jumping around, excited to be with his father; the older one (maybe about 16) was quietly cutting his steak with an intensity that made you suspicious that it would leave his plate if he looked away. It was as if the scene was taken from a Dicken's novel - the estranged father sees his sons after a few years without even a Christmas card. The younger son knows nothing but that he spent an hour after school each day, waiting by the door, knowing his father would one day return. The older is furious that this man they used to call "dad" abandoned their mother and them without even a goodbye. The old man knows he screwed up, but he can barely make ends meet taking care of himself, not to speak of a family and children. Still, he wanted to make it up to them, and scraping together three days pay from his night shift as a security guard at a parking garage makes enough to take his boys out to a classy little "ristorante" called "Salute e Vita"...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

About nothing at all...

This post is about nothing. The nothing that surrounds us, the nothing that binds us. The nothing that vasts the oceans blue. The nothing enclosed within the minutest crevices. The nothing that is everything, but in it's pervasiveness eludes meaning and substance. The nothing we can speak about for ours... we think about nothing... talk about nothing... do nothing, say nothing, believe nothing, eat nothing, feel nothing... All things considered people may perhaps utilize nothingness more than somethingness.

And this rude woman just made a ruckus by dragging a chair across the floor. It's the library dang it - show some respect.

She just disturbed the nothingness that was in the air.

Ashes from ashes, dust to dust. All things full circle, nothing a must.


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