Tuesday, January 11, 2005

PC is Dead...

... or is dying anyway.

Introducing the new Mac Mini!


You guys have to check this out. Not only is it comprable to PCs in speed, storage, and processing capability, it's a desktop computer that weighs less than 3 lbs and is approximately 6"x6"x2". Impossible, you say? Well Mac did it.

The reason why Macintosh will slowly, but surely, overturn the Microsoft/PC world is because they have the best designers/marketers in the world working for them. While PC has been the leader when it comes to available software, custom variability, and low prices, Mac has still been pulling ahead? Why? Because they know that we are quickly approaching an age where the computer will not only be commonplace in the households of Americans, but it will be necessary. Ask Grandma and Grandpa if they have any idea what that little plug does in the back of their mostrous computer device thing. They won't know. All they know is that it lets them check movie times and their stocks. Say goodbye world of paper news and mail; computers are taking over.

Mac knew this. They recognized the need for computers by the common American. And let's be honest now, the common American isn't too bright. I read a statistic that said that 45% of Americans do not know that the sun is a star... frightening, truly. I won't argue the validity or truthfullness of this claim, because irrespective of this I'm sure that we've all met our share of people that make us question our evolutionary place as higher cognitive beings. So in order to sell to these people, do we make computers complicated with countless functions and just as many things that could break or go wrong? No, Microsoft, this is not the way to go. Mac made it simple. One button on the mouse. A Unix core that makes it difficult and not worthwhile to create viruses for their system. No real option to mix and swap parts once it's out of the factory. Everything with an apple on it is co-compatible. And to top it all off, they made their computers pretty. PCs for the longest time held on to their blacks and their greys, but Macintosh sold in hot pinks and lime greens... colors that men have no comprehension of, but woman seem to register; how could America say no?

The longest standing complaint of Macs has been that they're too expensive. However, with this new portable, cost effective Mac mini, my die-hard PC support is waning. It's only $500, why not? I built my computer by hand and it still cost me roughly $800 originally. Throw in all the upgrades and part replacements and we're looking at a good $1200. And have you ever tried carrying a case on a bus in Berkeley? I have. It's not fun.

So goodbye to PC. The funeral march is playing, and the hearse is ready to take you. With the greater demand for Macs, the software industry will follow, and Windows will collect dust and time as the apple of the new computer age will shine in fruition.

Mac Mini
Mac Mini
Mac Mini

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Monday, January 03, 2005

Another Year...

... another broken resolution.

Another year has passed. As dusk set upon 2004, the dawn of hopes, dreams, and aspirations embodied in Holiday Sales and annual New Year's resolutions heralded a new turn in this world's relentless path around the sun. In years past I have written thoughts and ideologies of friendship, cherishing my experiences with the people I held so dear with pleasantries and euphemisms, trying to capture the meaning of our relationships. However, due to my altogether horrific track record this year in maintaining ties with my friends, I've decided that to write such a memoir would be an empty mockery of my writings past. So instead I shall comment on New Year's resolutions.

New Year's resolutions: America's excuse to take the time and reflect to better themselves only once every 365 days. The path of man throughout his existence is one of mistakes, shortcomings, and faults. It is the imperfect beings that we are that seemingly allow us to strive to become better ones. Perfection in a world of perfection is not perfection, but rather a matter of commonplace uniformity. But this is hardly a matter to consider in our lives, for we all have our unique chinks and scrapes that characterize us as the imperfect personages that we are. Yet we still hold our ideals. Some scratches are seen as more desirable than others; some etchings more pure; some shapes more ideal. These are the molds that we aspire to in our lives, and yet as a nation we have decided to allow this pursuit to surface in the forefront of our minds once at the beginning of every year. At the "beginning," though our calendar and markings on the endless string of time is arbitrary in and of itself. Why not mark February 1st or March 2nd? Is the cold of winter a symbol of rebirth when it may be spring or fall that allows life to grow once more? A moot argument.

Should not man challenge his life every day, as his mistakes and follies are ever so present in each one? Are not these New Year's resolutions but a self serving form of hopes and prayers, thoughts of those that mean well but are slow to act believing this will serve their purpose in bringing to pass change? The devil is a friend of idleness, yet it would not surprise me if the bedfellow of idleness were inconsistency. Life is about change. If we allow ourselves the pleasure of breathing, feeling, laughing, and in short living each day, should we not make time for improving ourselves in stride? A New Year's resolution is a symbol of all that is meant to be broken in the year to come. A New Day's resolution a symbol of all that we intend to change today. That is not to say that these assertions should be demoted to fickle fancies of the mind that enter into our passive thoughts, but rather they should be more rooted essences of our consciousness than what the capitalistic enterprise of the holidays would allow us to believe they are.

It is not perfection that makes a man a god, but rather the pursuit for perfection that makes him truly divine.


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