Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Rash Rumors Refuted!

Although I've made it my point to stay away from the dramatics of the college world by essentially having no personal life to harrass, it seems that the seeds of gossip are inescapable, even for me, an impoverished hermit of the premedical world, married to his books with a second home in cubicle D-67 of the Moffit Main Stacks (D is for "dungeon" level, mind you). However, now that finals are done, I feel the need to take the time to refute such amassing rumors. If I've missed anything you're curious about knowing, please feel free to IM me or post your questions of contention.

1. I DID apply to more than 5 medical schools (15 in fact). No I'm not confident that I'll get in. In fact I'm scared crapless that I'll take yet another year of my life to revamp my resume and application, making me 38 when I finally complete my medical training.

2. No Zohair, I am NOT 28 years old. I'm in fact 22. Born in 1982. I am not old enough to be your father, and no I do not have any children (in or out of wedlock) that I can say are mine.

3. I DO in fact have a girlfriend. Yes she is human and alive. Blowup doll? No you sickos, get your minds outta the gutter.

4. I AM a ninja. If you don't believe me ask Helen.

5. I was never convicted of murder. The fact that Hyun (my twin brother) came out dead could not be placed on me as I was not technically alive at the time the "incident" occured.

6. I only spent ONE Christmas at Berkeley. And I'm at home (Sacramento) right now thank you very much.

I think that's about it for now...


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